"Geodesic! is an interactive multi-sensory experience that invites you to reflect and transform with light and sound. Three pyramids housing projectors, proportioned to those at Giza, surround the sixteen-foot Geodesic! dome, forming a tetrahedron of light. Each projector shines through the eye of Horus on the face of its pyramid, illuminating your senses and your highest purpose."

Producer / Designer
James Hurwitz

Geodesic Fabrication
James Hurwitz
Jedidia Dyer

Fractal Animation
Scott Draves Electric Sheep



Geodesic! travels to Lightning in a Bottle 2014 which takes place on the Ancestral Homeland of the Chumash Nation in Bradley, CA.

During the day a Minty Mist provides a refreshing oasis from the heat. At night, Geodesic! comes to life with fractal projections and ambient sounds which creates a space that welcomes interaction.

Together, we co-create Geodesic!