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mini bear - Cyberlove

Cyberlove is about dating within Internet Culture's constant desire to connect with people, and finding it difficult to maintain deep connections due to the idea of being able to swipe endlessly.

Lighting Design

Art Direction and Set Design
Nastya Valentine Enterprises

Director, Producer, Editor
Lauren Kop

Cinematographer, AD, FX
Julia Sub

Jille E. Clark

Choreographers and Dancers
Alysia Russo and Alana Fickes


Space Castle

May 20th, 2017

"Space Castle is a future-spa themed arty and high-concept gallery experience. It follows the launch of a luxury spa on Mars after Elon Musk colonizes the red planet in the 2050s."

In a time where there is budding dystopia in the world, a retreat becomes necessary. We are all tired from fighting, protesting, stomping, marching — we deserve a weekend to indulge and treat ourselves. With art, with friends, with spa treatments. This mini utopia of Space Castle is an aesthetic, conceptual healing spa for anxiety. In scary and dangerous times, self-care and inclusive spaces filled with those we love are extremely important for our souls’ well-being.

Sponsored by BlueRoar VR, Soylent, Red Bull, and Soaptopia.

Curated by Valentine Enterprises.




March 9th - 15th, 2015
@The WaveCave
California Institute of the Arts

"Illuminate is an exploration in how geometry, light, and sound invokes emotion and creates our reality. Pulsating LEDs illuminate geometric sculptures which invite you to take a closer look and explore the space. As you walk inside the gallery, you are immersed in pure light and tones. Sound corresponds with the unfolding of each dimension, tracing the geometry aurally while you experience it visually."

Producer / Designer
James Hurwitz

Kat Hernandez

Quadraphonic Music
James Hurwitz
Suzanne Kite
Devin Ronneberg


Metatron's Garden

"Metatron's Garden is a collection of interactive platonic solid structures that are lined with LEDs. Sensors detect when people enter the structures which controls the LEDs and sound. The structures communicate over a network so they are digitally connected. You are able to see one shape from another. There may be people in different shapes, but they all share the same curiosity."

James Hurwitz

Kat Hernandez
Brance Souza
Suzanne Kite


"Geodesic! is an interactive multi-sensory experience that invites you to reflect and transform with light and sound. Three pyramids housing projectors, proportioned to those at Giza, surround the sixteen-foot Geodesic! dome, forming a tetrahedron of light. Each projector shines through the eye of Horus on the face of its pyramid, illuminating your senses and your highest purpose."

Producer / Designer
James Hurwitz

Geodesic Fabrication
James Hurwitz
Jedidia Dyer

Fractal Animation
Scott Draves Electric Sheep



NANA FELIX - Kiss & Fly

LED Sculpture
James Hurwitz

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.18.47 AM.png