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Doin' What You Were Doin' (Behind The Scenes)

Directed by: James Hurwitz, Adam Greenberg

Edited by: James Hurwitz

Composers: Rick Barrio Dill, Richard Danielson, Tyrone Taylor, Carl Colt

Producers: Don Was, James Hurwitz, Adam Greenberg

Blue Note Records, Capitol Music Group

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Another Country - Behind the Album

A multi-cam interview, edited for Rod Stewart's latest album Another Country, distributed in 9 parts on the official Rod Stewart YouTube channel.

Multi-cam editing and coloring
James Hurwitz

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Pete Yorn 'Arrainging Time' Pseudo Videos

Motion Graphics: James Hurwitz

Composers: Pete Yorn

Producers: Pete Yorn, Scott Seiver, James Hurwitz

(C) 2016 Boyletown Music, Inc. Under Exclusive License To Capitol Records

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Flip It (The Edit) (Behind the Scenes)

Directed by: James Hurwitz, Adam Greenberg

Composers:Richard Burton, Jeremy Bunawan, Bob Wainwright, Ivan Gough, Charlotte Devaney, Kingsley Romerill, Ali Farshi, Calvin Broadus

Producers:Charlotte Devaney, The Next Room, James Hurwitz, Adam Greenberg

(C) 2015 Motto Beats Records Under Exclusive License To Virgin Records



Concept: Suzanne Kite

Featured Dancer: Jordan Saenz

Dancers: Jade Johnston, Tiara Jackson, Laura Berg, Erin Bishop-O'Brien, Stephen Patterson

Composer: Devin Ronneberg

Choreographer & Director: Caitlin Adams

Cinematographer: Ramzi Hibri

Production Manager: James Hurwitz

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